February 8, 2019

Why Does My Heat Pump Run All the Time?

If your heat pump runs all the time it may or may not be normal depending on a couple of factors. For example if the heat pump is meeting your temperature setting and the external temperature is less than 30 degrees then your heat pump system is likely functioning properly.

Heat Pump

A heat pump operates by transferring heat from warmer area to colder area using mechanical energy. In colder temperatures your heat pump will need to run more to extract heat I order to meet your temperature setting, in fact during cold winter months, your heat pump will normally run continuously.


If your system is not meeting your temperature setting and the outside temperature is over 30 degrees, then you might be experiencing a problem. Some common problems which can cause your heat pump to run all the time and not meet temperature needs are:

  • A Refrigerant leak can cause your system to blow cold air, noises in the refrigerant lines, icing appearing on the outdoor unit, higher than normal energy bills.
  • Heat pump is running in Air Conditioning mode.
  • The outside unit is not running.
  • Damaged or defective valves, parts.
  • Size and capacity of the system does not meet requirements needed by your home.

If your Heat Pump system is not operating correctly, runs all the time without meeting your temperature settings or you suspect a refrigerant leak, then it is best to have your system looked at by a professional HVAC specialist. Air Doctor Heating and Air offers professional, licensed repair services for all your HVAC, Heating, Air Conditioning needs. If it is time to consider replacing your system, Air Doctor Heating and Air is pleased to provide you with a free quote for you including options: ten year warranty on parts and labor as well as a ten year financing option.


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