January 23, 2019

Transferring HVAC Warranty for New Home

Real Estate Sold

Transferring an HVAC Warranty for a new or older home purchase is an important consideration. Be aware of this when considering or purchasing a new home.

New Homes

New Home Sold

The HVAC Equipment is generally registered with the builder as the owner. In order to transfer ownership as far as the manufacturer’s warranty goes, you must register your system with the manufacturer within 30 days from closing.

This is important to know since the manufacturer will generally have a 10 year warranty. The builder likely has a 1 year warranty. Unless the new homeowner contacts the manufacturer to register they will have only the 1 year builder’s warranty. If they register with the manufacturer, they will have the full 10 year warranty. Additionally, they will have the builder’s 1 year warranty and be much better protected.

Older Homes

Older Home Sold

Some older homes have newer or upgraded HVAC equipment installed and this can be a big selling feature if the system is still under a warranty. Most of the warranties in these cases are transferrable. The caveat is that the new homeowner must transfer the warranty with the manufacturer within 30 days of closing. Failure to do so can and usually will void the warranty altogether.

Most people do not know this and therefore are not covered when something goes wrong. Air Doctor Heating and Air tries to inform new buyers and Real Estate agents about this most important requirement.

AC Coil Leak

Parts for your HVAC equipment can be very costly. If your system is under a manufacturer’s warranty, it can be a big savings for the homeowner.

Homeowners should be aware of this. Real estate sales agents can inform the new homeowners so their systems can realize their full warranty potential. It is a great selling tool for a real estate agent to inform the new homeowner of their warranty protections.

Service/ Maintenance
HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining your new system is essential to it running optimally and efficiently. A Service/ Maintenance Contract is a the best way to secure and protect your warranty. Air Doctor Heating and Air is pleased to assist you and we monitor warranties on all our new installations.


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