Financing HVAC Install and Repair Projects

Financing Options

When you encounter major expenditures with your HVAC equipment, it might be time to consider financing options. Often expenses related to your HVAC equipment are not anticipated.

Financing options can help you best manage those unexpected costs. They can allow zero out-of-pocket initial expense so you can better manage budgeting.

Financing Options

We at Air Doctor Heating and Air are pleased to announce that we now have more financing options than ever for your HVAC installations and repairs. From short term to long term and an option for 0% interest, you can now finance any of your heating and air expenses.

These financing options are available to qualified applicants. There are many available options you can choose from. Air Doctor Heating and Air has two third party finance companies to select from. These companies specialize in the home improvement industry. Applying online is safe and secure and all data you share with them is private, protected and not shared with your service provider. Any arrangements you make with any lender is between you and the lender. Air Doctor Heating and Air is not a party to nor responsible for these arrangements.


Redbrick only finances new installations and offer terms from five to ten years.


Synchrony will finance both new installations as well as repair work. There are four financing options available and include options for short term, long term and 0% interest.

Air Doctor Heating and Air recommends you research each lender and know the terms before deciding if one of these options is the best choice for you.

Why Does My Heat Pump Run All the Time?

American Standard Heat Pump

If your heat pump runs all the time it may or may not be normal depending on a couple of factors. For example if the heat pump is meeting your temperature setting and the external temperature is less than 30 degrees then your heat pump system is likely functioning properly.

Heat Pump

A heat pump operates by transferring heat from warmer area to colder area using mechanical energy. In colder temperatures your heat pump will need to run more to extract heat I order to meet your temperature setting, in fact during cold winter months, your heat pump will normally run continuously.


If your system is not meeting your temperature setting and the outside temperature is over 30 degrees, then you might be experiencing a problem. Some common problems which can cause your heat pump to run all the time and not meet temperature needs are:

  • A Refrigerant leak can cause your system to blow cold air, noises in the refrigerant lines, icing appearing on the outdoor unit, higher than normal energy bills.
  • Heat pump is running in Air Conditioning mode.
  • The outside unit is not running.
  • Damaged or defective valves, parts.
  • Size and capacity of the system does not meet requirements needed by your home.

If your Heat Pump system is not operating correctly, runs all the time without meeting your temperature settings or you suspect a refrigerant leak, then it is best to have your system looked at by a professional HVAC specialist. Air Doctor Heating and Air offers professional, licensed repair services for all your HVAC, Heating, Air Conditioning needs. If it is time to consider replacing your system, Air Doctor Heating and Air is pleased to provide you with a free quote for you including options: ten year warranty on parts and labor as well as a ten year financing option.

What’s in a Good HVAC Warranty?

HVAC Warranty

What to Know About a Good HVAC Warranty. A good HVAC warranty is your protection from large expenditures for a period of time. Your HVAC Equipment is arguably the hardest working equipment in your home. It is designed to last and a good warranty helps to ensure it will.


The term or duration of the warranty generally means the length of time the warranty covers. Parts are guaranteed for their workmanship and proper operation. A Labor warranty covers the installation itself and any work involved in repair or replacing warrantied parts. It is important to know the specific terms of your warranty. With new installations, Air Doctor Heating and Air provides a 10 year parts and labor warranty. Most HVAC companies warranty new parts but may not cover labor. It is a very important thing to know before purchase.

Limitations and Requirements

Be sure to know what is and is not covered before you commit to a new system. This equipment is very expensive and any failure of the system could be very costly if not covered. There will be requirements which must be met in order to qualify the warranty. These requirements will be contained in the actual written warranty. The typical requirements:

  • Registering the equipment with the manufacturer **When buying a new home you may still need to register the equipment purchase with the manufacturer. See our Blog regarding registering warranties on new home purchases.
  • Requirements about qualified maintenance. Most warranties will require yearly maintenance by a qualified, certified HVAC professional for the term of the contract. Failure to comply may void the warranty. Air Doctor Heating and Air provides a maintenance contract for two years with new installations at no added cost. Continuing the maintenance contract after that is available for a reasonable fee.
  • Conditions for voiding the warranty include, but are not limited to: alterations, tampering, unauthorized work or service, not following maintenance requirements, failure to register equipment.
    Not following these conditions may void your warranty. Never replace parts, modify parts or operation, operate in any manner that is not specified in order to protect your warranty. Always have your new system properly maintained and serviced by authorized professionals only. Maintenance and service by Air Doctor Heating and Air will assure you are compliant with your warranty.

Keeping records

It is wise to keep all records for any and all work done to your system whether parts are replaced or not. Air Doctor Heating and Air monitors all warranties for new installations we install. We keep all necessary records to provide in case of a warranty claim to make certain you are protected.

Signs it is Time to Upgrade Your Heating System

American Standard Stars

How do you know when it’s time to consider upgrading to a new heating unit? Obviously if the unit has died or is not working, but it may be wise to consider replacement well before that happens or before costly repairs add up. Many things can greatly affect the longevity and efficiency of your furnace, heat pump or boiler system over the years such as not changing the air filters often enough or not having regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. Additionally, a poorly operating heating unit can negatively impact the air quality in your home.

Most units can last twelve to fifteen years, but they can become less efficient long before that. Taking the time to consider replacement before the inevitable failure will allow you to compare pricing and options, take advantage of specials and discounts and plan around your schedule. Newer units can be much more energy efficient, add value to your home and offer you peace of mind that your new heating system will be fully and optimally operational for many, many long winters to come.


  • Provides you with a Free Estimate and various options which can save you money. We offer multiple Financing options- short term, long term, 0% interest.
  • Ensures that your installation is professional, prompt and painless for you and your pocketbook. With our competitive pricing, exceptionally skilled technicians, available financing options and comprehensive ten year warranties on parts and labor, your new unit will be hassle free and enhance your home.
  • Offers maintenance programs to ensure your unit will remain properly operational and protect your warranty which will bring you long term savings and peace of mind.
  • Would like to earn your business and provide you with a no cost estimate. If you are price shopping be sure to inquire about financing options and warranties on parts and labor. You will find that no company compares to Air Doctor Heating and Air. We look forward to providing all your HVAC needs.
Financing Options

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