July 10, 2019

Storms and HVAC


Summer storms can really wreak havoc on your home’s equipment, most of all your HVAC equipment. These storms can pop up at any time and these days seem to do so with increased frequency. This can be very costly to you, but there are several things which can be done to minimize the problem.

We, at Air Doctor Heating and Air perform insurance inspections for insurance companies to document the damage which often requires complete replacement of the HVAC systems.

Things to Check Before a Storm

Homeowners InsuranceOne of the best things you can do before a disaster is to make certain your home is properly covered by your insurance and that the coverage is sufficient enough to handle any major losses due to storm. Losses can include:

  • Electrical Damage (can cause full and complete loss of your entire HVAC system)
  • Fire Damage
  • Flooding
  • Damage from Debris

Circuit Breaker Box LabelingAnother wise thing to check is your circuit breaker box. Make sure that your HVAC system breaker(s) are properly labeled.
Check to make sure that the area around your outdoor unit(s) are clear from debris. Remove all potential projectiles, limbs, branches, secure outdoor furnishings.

After the Storm

HVAC Lightning DamageIf you lose power, always check everything out before restarting your HVAC equipment. Visually Inspect the units to make sure there is no visible sign of damage.

Check for smells of burning around the units before you attempt to power them on. Also, check for any leaks or discharge from the systems. If anything seems unusual, call a professional to test everything first. Starting a system which has sustained damage could cause further or even total damage.

If you see any damage, you should take pictures of the damage and contact your insurance representative to initiate a claim.


With storms so prevalent this time of year it helps to be diligent with your expensive equipment, most especially your HVAC equipment. It helps to be prepared for the worst and protected just in case. At Air Doctor Heating and Air we are always here to assist you with consultation, repair, maintenance, testing and installation of your HVAC equipment.

For new installations, we offer Free Estimates, 10 year Parts, and Labor Warranty and have many Financing Options available from short to long term and a 0% Interest for 60 months option as well.


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