Spring Checklist


Spring Checklist

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Here is your Spring Checklist for your HVAC system. With warm weather upon us, your air conditioner needs to be ready to start handling it’s seasonal workload. There are many things you can do to make sure your system is ready to perform properly.

1. Air Filters

Dirty/Clean Air FilterThe first thing on your Spring checklist, your Air filters need to be changed regularly. Change them at least every 3 months or every month if you have pets or heavy traffic. These filters are relatively inexpensive, yet go a long way to keeping your system running properly and keeping your air clean.

Not all air filters are the same, refer to our blog on selecting air filters. Your HVAC system requires maximum air flow so therefore, it is of utmost importance that air travels freely through a clean filter.

2. Cleaning

Dirty Air VentNext on the Spring checklist, cleaning. Before powering on your system clean the air intake vents and the return vents. Wipe down your indoor and outdoor HVAC units and make sure they are free and clear as well as having unencumbered air flow.

It is also a good time to wipe down the fan blades on your ceiling fans. Washing your windows can help remove allergens and keep them from entering the air flow.

3. Check the Power

Make sure the thermostats have batteries that operate if they are battery operated. Change the batteries if needed. Check to make sure that your main unit is plugged in properly and that the plug is not loose.

4. Check the Operation of the Unit

Once the temperature outside reaches at least 70 degrees you can turn your air conditioner. Set your thermostats to cool and select a temperature less than the temperature outside.

Make sure that the unit comes on and is running smoothly. Check the vents to make sure the cool air is coming through the vents. Listen for unusual noises and If anything seems wrong contact Air Doctor Heating and Air.

5. Schedule Spring Maintenance

Maintenance ContractAfter all your checking, it is still wise to have your professional system maintenance done to ensure the motor, coil, evaporator and all components are all properly working. Professional maintenance should be performed in the Spring and fall. This will make sure your system is operating at it’s optimum performance and efficiency as well as protect any warranties you may have.

6. Consider an Air Purifier

Got Flu Reme HaloAir purifiers are simply the best at removing allergens, microbes, mold and other contaminants. Purer air can create a far healthier environment and better indoor air quality. See our blog on the Reme Hero air purifier.

Your Spring checklist will help ensure your system is ready for the heavy workload ahead. Following these procedures will ensure your system runs properly throughout the season. For your maintenance or if something seems wrong, call your professionals at Air Doctor Heating and Air.


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