July 12, 2019

Smart Thermostats


Smart Thermostat with Smartphone

Smart thermostats have entered our world and are designed to work and integrate into our smart homes with smart devices. These thermostats can be controlled locally or remotely with smartphones, computers, smart systems like Google or Alexa.

Those that love automation will love these features. Some models also will “learn” your needs and can make adjustments on their own.


Smart Thermostat WiFi

Not all makes and models have all the same features. You should be aware of the features you, personally would like to have so that you can make your best choice.

Most smart thermostat makes and models will have the following:

  • WiFi remote access
  • Remote Control
  • Alerts through Email or message
  • Integration with Smart Devices and Controls
  • Ability to monitor from any smart control device
  • Touch Screen

Some smart thermostat makes and models will also have the ability to:

  • Learn your needs and adapt as necessary
  • Sense Humidity
  • Provide power consumption reports


Smart Thermostat Installation

Installing a compatible smart thermostat requires some knowledge of your existing HVAC equipment, the stage system you have and wiring. The best way to make sure thermostat will properly work with your system and meet your needs is to have it professionally installed by your HVAC specialist. Discuss with your tech all the features you would like to have and they will install it properly for you. This will ensure that your unit meets installation standards and protect your warranty.

Saving Energy Costs

There are optimal modes and temperature settings which are designed to have you money on your energy costs. Some of the smart thermostats will have energy consumption reports which will enable to you adjust your thermostat and energy usage to help save costs.

Smart Thermostat Energy Usage

These settings will enable you to use the least energy possible when you are not home and the energy use is not needed as much. Of course, the less energy you use, the less expensive your heating and cooling costs will be.

There are several other means you can use to help reduce heat loss and gain in your home. From simple methods like keeping your drapes closed when you are not at home to making sure your home is sealed and insulated properly. These additional steps will help your heat and air conditioning stay put longer and use less energy.

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