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New Equipment Installations

Air Doctor Heating and Air is your best choice for all your new HVAC equipment installations. Whether you need a heat pump, dual fuel system, gas or oil furnace, air conditioning or a ductless, mini split system, we can help you. With all new system installations* we offer:

  • Free estimates with our comfort specialists
  • Our highly competitive pricing
  • Ten-year parts warranty*
  • Ten-year labor Warranty*
  • Our CFL (customer for life) program with 2 years of maintenance included at no additional cost
  • Easy, Secure financing options

Our expert comfort specialists will assist you in finding the best equipment for your application and budget. They can assist you with short and long-term savings and advise you on energy efficiency for your home.


There is a lot to consider when you are faced with installing new HVAC equipment. This equipment is, by far the most important and some of the most valuable in your home. Excellent equipment with proper installation, care and warranties will give you outstanding comfort and savings for many, many years.

For long term savings, it is always wise to consider higher energy rated systems with inverter or two stage technologies which use less fuel to operate. Newer technologies offer greater energy efficiency, lower long term operating costs, quieter operation, safer refrigerants and less worry.

To help our customers with the cost of new installations, we also offer financing options for qualified applicants that can help defer the costs with no upfront expenditures and reasonable monthly payments. Visit our financing page for more information.

Consider an HVAC Add On for greatly improved health and comfort benefits. Make sure your home is safe, healthy and comfortable easily and affordably with these whole home HVAC add-on technologies.

Air in your home becomes continually contaminated by dirt, germs, debris, odors. Healthy, clean air in your home is healthier and more comfortable for you and is achievable. One of the best HVAC add-on technological improvements is the Whole Home Air Purification device. These purification systems are installed directly into your HVAC System ductwork. This technology effectively destroys Microbes, Microorganisms, Bacteria, Viruses, VOCs, Odors, Allergens and Mold. Utilized in Hospital, Nursing Homes and large corporate office buildings, this technology can now be utilized in your home.

A Whole home purifier works continuously throughout the year, silently and effectively. It can be installed retroactively or accompanying a new installation. Ridding your home of dangerous contaminants has never been simpler.
Consider a Steam Humidifier, it is an effective HVAC Add On and can do a lot to add comfort to your Indoor Air Quality. Heating and Air Conditioning can really dry your air out. Dry air affects your comfort, breathing and even sleep habits. Ideally indoor air should be 45% for optimal health and comfort.

Adding a steam humidifier system to your HVAC equipment can benefit you:

  • Helps your sinuses and breathing
  • Softens your skin
  • Improves sleep
  • Keeps Wooden floors and furniture from drying out
  • This easy upgrade is very affordable and can be retrofitted to your existing system or added into a new installation.

Air Doctor Heating and Air will be pleased to consult with you on improving your home comfort.
*not all manufacturers offer 10-year parts and labor warranties – check with our office on which equipment qualifies.

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Why Should I Choose Air Doctor For HVAC Repairs and Maintenance?

Air Doctor Heating and Air stands behind every new installation.

New installations are backed like no other company to earn your confidence. We offer the best products in the industry, install them in the most professional manner and then offer you a warranty on parts and labor for 10 years!

Service for Major Brands

Get the Smarts and the Parts

We repair and maintain furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, air conditioners, thermostats and everything in between.

1-Day Installations

Backed by 10-Year Parts and Labor Warranties

Most new systems are in and working before your head hits the pillow

100% Financing Available

No Money Down and Low Payments

Options include deferred payments for 1 year and low interest financing over 12 years.