January 27, 2019

Protect your HVAC Warranty

Protect your HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning equipment and their warranties. There are certain things every homeowner should know. How long is the warranty coverage? What does it specifically cover? How you avail yourself of the protection. Is it limited and if so, how limited?

HVAC Warranties are very important and valuable to you. They can save you a lot of expense over the years. It is important to know if your HVAC equipment is under warranty. If it is under warranty then know the conditions of the warranty. There are many things which can void an HVAC warranty such as:

• Failure to properly register your equipment with the manufacturer
• Not transferring a warranty upon purchase of new home with an HVAC warranty
• Improperly maintaining the equipment
• Use of Non OEM parts, Alteration to the equipment or components
• Incomplete service records

Register the Equipment

Registering the new HVAC equipment when it is installed is an important function. This identifies the owner of the equipment (and the protection), the date of installation and the unique identifiers of the equipment. Your certified installer should be able to advise you on how best to handle this.

Transferring a Warranty

Some warranties are transferable so a new owner can have the same protections for the equipment. Ask before purchase. If the warranty is transferrable, then the manufacturer must be informed within 30 days of purchase. Even with purchasing a new home with a new system, the equipment warranty must be transferred to the new owner. Contact the manufacturer for specific instructions.

Properly Maintaining the Equipment

Most all HVAC manufacturers require that the equipment be professionally service at least once a year in order to satisfy the warranty requirements. Failure to do so can void a warranty entirely. Any tampering with the equipment by a non certified person can put your warranty in jeopardy.

Some warranties only cover manufacturer defects. A certified, professional HVAC technician would need to certify that the problem is caused by a defect.

Always have your equipment serviced and evaluated by a certified HVAC professional. Air Doctor Heating and Air offers a Service, Maintenance contract that is the best way to make sure that your equipment is kept running properly and that your warranty is protected.

OEM Parts, Alterations

Almost all warranties will require that replacement parts and components be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. This is very important since non-OEM parts can be substandard and cause other parts or functions to fail. Rely on your Certified HVAC specialist to advise you before using any non-OEM parts.

Keep Records

Keep receipts for all service to your equipment. The manufacturer may require specific information in order to honor your warranty. With new installations, Air Doctor Heating and Air will keep records of all installation, maintenance and work done to your system. With our 10 year Parts AND Labor warranties your equipment will be protected for many years to come at minimal cost.


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