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Indoor Air Quality

Effective Air Purifier Halo LED

Having an Air Purifier is more important than ever these days since there are many invisible contaminants existing is everyone’s home. These contaminants can build up over time and create health issues, odors and negatively impact your health. Some of these micro contaminants are bacteria, viruses, VOCs, mold spores and toxins too small to be filtered out by standard air filtration, even HEPA filters.

7 Ways Your HVAC Can Combat Seasonal Allergies

Combatting seasonal allergies is crucial for many individuals. This comprehensive report explores five effective ways in which your HVAC system can help combat seasonal allergies. By implementing these strategies, you can create a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment, especially during allergy seasons.

Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, tasteless, potentially toxic gas when found in high levels. Carbon Monoxide is naturally occurring and at low levels do not cause harm. At levels of 35ppm or greater, it becomes toxic. It can develop in homes from Improperly...

Pets and Your HVAC

Having pets impacts your home's Indoor Air Quality as well as your HVAC system. Here are some important things to consider regarding keeping Pets and how to protect your HVAC system. It is important to understand the effects and the best way to handle these issues. If...

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Summer is one of the most popular seasons, but what about when it gets hotter than 110 degrees? How do you keep your home cool? You can do many things, but some of the best ways to keep your home cool are to invest in AC units or central air systems. There'll be...

How to Properly Care For Your Gas Fireplace

  How to properly care for your Vented or Non Vented Gas Fireplace. A Gas Fireplace can be a warm, inviting addition to your home. It is of the utmost importance that it be clean and operate properly for full enjoyment and safety for you and your family. Cleaning...

Air Purification

Air Knight Air Purification IPG/ PX5 technology is available for residential installation at affordable rates. These devices are easily installed into your existing duct system by an HVAC Specialist. They continually work to reduce and help eliminate airborne and surface contaminants in your home.

Upgrade Your Heating System

How do you know when it’s time to consider upgrading to a new heating system? Obviously if the unit has died or is not working, but it may be wise to consider replacement well before that happens or before costly repairs add up. Many things can greatly affect the longevity and efficiency of your furnace, heat pump or boiler system over the years such as not changing the air filters often enough or not having regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. Additionally, a poorly operating heating unit can negatively impact the air quality in your home.

Healthy HVAC Add Ons

Consider an HVAC Add On for greatly improved health and comfort benefits. Make sure your home is safe, healthy and comfortable easily and affordably with these whole home HVAC Add on technologies. Air in your home becomes continually contaminated by dirt, germs, debris, odors. Healthy, clean air in your home is healthier and more comfortable for you and is achievable.

Inverter Technology

Inverter HVAC systems offer many benefits to homeowners such as:
Higher Efficiency
Greater Energy Savings
More Uniform temperatures in your home
Quieter operation
This latest HVAC technology has been developing over the past several years and has been utilized in Ductless Mini Split applications. Now offered by many manufacturers for whole home ducted systems as a means to improve performance and efficiency.

Coil Care

Coil care for your HVAC system is very important. A coil is a main component of your HVAC System. There is a condenser coil and an evaporator coil. These coils are an integral part of the heat exchange that happens when cooling your air. These coils contain your refrigerant. Many older systems used Freon (R22) while more recent systems use Puron (R410a).

Attic Ventilation Fans

The benefits of an attic ventilation fan are more cumulative rather than instantaneous. An attic fan operates as an exhaust and will work to push hot air out of the attic through a shuttered or louvered vent. As heat continually rises, the attic fan will help eliminate accumulating heat.
As the heat is evacuated, moisture and odors can also be reduced.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have entered our world and are designed to work and integrate into our smart homes with smart devices. These thermostats can be controlled locally or remotely with smartphones, computers, smart systems like Google or Alexa. Those that love automation will love these features. Some models also will “learn” your needs and can make adjustments on their own.

Odors and Allergens

Many things cause odors and allergens in your home. We generally differentiate between odors and scents. Both refer to things we “smell”. Odors generally refer to smells which we find objectionable, while scents we find pleasurable. There are organic odors and inorganic odors. Both organic and inorganic odors come from molecules which become airborne and allow us to interact with them.
Allergens we cannot see or smell, but they can cause significant health issues especially if you have allergies.

How HVAC System Manages Airflow

Your HVAC System is a system that manages airflow in your home. To simplify the operation, the system takes in air, warms or cools it and then redistributes it around your home to maintain the desired temperature. Of course, there is much more to it. As the air is brought into the system, it is filtered to remove contaminants and debris.
Residential HVAC systems require unobstructed airflow in order to operate properly.

Ductless, Mini Split AC

Ductless Air Conditioning systems are well worth considering in certain circumstances. Central Air systems operate by sending air through ductwork. The ducts are installed to direct the flow of air through tubes called ducts.

Indoor Air Purification

The Reme-Halo air purification system is a new warrior in the fight against contaminants in your home. This device is a “Whole Home” purification system. It is installed right in your HVAC duct system, and kills bacteria and viruses in the air as well as on surfaces. It also combats allergens, smoke, odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in homes and businesses.

HVAC Air Filters

The importance of changing your HVAC system’s air filters regularly cannot be over stated. It is a crucial aspect of your HVAC system running at it’s peak efficiency. It is also critical in filtering out potentially dangerous allergens, bacteria, dirt, debris from the air you breathe.

Introducing Champion HVAC Products

Champion Heating and Cooling products are designed, manufactured and assembled in America. The Champion HVAC product line is owned by Johnson Controls (a recognized global Industry leader) ensuring trustworthiness and dependability.

Ominous Dangers of Space Heaters

The dangers of using space heaters should not be underestimated. Using electric space (portable) heaters can be a viable option for heating your home or room in an emergency or short term situation, but there are many dangers to be aware of.

Choosing the Best Air Filter for Your Home

Replacing your air filter is one of the small things you can do that can greatly affect the quality of air inside your home. Since many illnesses are associated with airborne contaminants, indoor air quality is a very important consideration.

HVAC and Your Pets

If you have pets, there are several things you can do to make your home and theirs safer, healthier and more comfortable for all of you.

Las plantas benefician la calidad del aire

Plants Improve Indoor Air Quality

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House plants can help improve the air quality in your home since plants have a natural ability to purify air.

Their process of photosynthesis enables them to absorb light and gasses such as carbon dioxide. They use this process to fuel their growth and in the process produce oxygen as a bi-product.

Besides absorbing carbon dioxide, they can absorb other gaseous substances such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Common VOCs are things like Benzene and Formaldehyde. Benzene is found in cigarette smoke, plastics and pesticides. Formaldehyde is found in fabric softeners, cosmetics, furniture finishes, building materials and detergents.

There are air purification systems designed to remove these dangerous VOCs. The Reme Halo system will effectively remove all toxins, microbes and contaminants. Plants are natural air purifiers but, they are not able to eliminate VOCs like air purifiers do. Plants can go a long way in improving your indoor air quality.

Ten of the best plants for improving your indoor air quality are:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

You may know that the juice of the aloe Vera is very effective in treating sunburn. It is also very adept at removing formaldehyde from the air. It is a beautiful, exotic looking succulent that does best in a well lit room.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm

The Areca palm is very good at absorbing most all toxins. The Areca or Golden Palm are large and eventually can reach a height of 6’- 7’. They require plenty of direct sunlight or abundant indirect light. They can be purchased as small table top plants. You can expect up to 6” growth per year.

Bamboo or Lady Broadleaf Palm

Lady Palm

Another large palm, this plant is known to cleanse the air of toxins and microorganisms. This palm prefers diffused light and is the best choice of fan palms for indoor use.

Rubber Tree

Rubber Tree

The rubber tree, Ficus Elastica is excellent at removing formaldehyde from the air. It is a very hardy, easy plant to raise and does well with plenty of indirect light. The size of the plant can be influenced by the size of the pot. If you want to keep them smaller, keep them in smaller pots as long as possible.

Corn Plant Dracaena

Corn Plant Dracaena

These Dracaenas have a broad leaf which resembles a vegetable corn leaf. These beautiful house plants are the best plants for tackling cigarette smoke and Benzene. These easy care plants do best with plenty of indirect or filtered light.

Dracaena Marginata or Dragontree

Dracaena Marginata

The Dracaena Marginata is a very easy care plant which excels at removing xylene and trichloroethylene. These are known carcinogens which can cause breast cancer. Dracaena Marginata can do well in lower light to medium indirect light.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

Very easy care vine like trailing growers. Golden Pothos excels at removing carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde from the air. This Pothos is very adaptable to many kinds of environments.

Philodendron Cordatum

Philadendron Cordatum

This trailing or climbing plant does a good job at removing most all toxins. It can be used as a hanging or trellis plant and is easy to maintain. A relatively small plant which does best in indirect light.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Brightly variegated, this smaller houseplant will work hard to remove carbon monoxide and cigarette smoke contaminants. Easy to raise as a table or hanging plant, it needs only moderate light.

Boston Fern

Boston Fern

Ferns, especially the Boston Fern are great at tackling Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is in your home usually from furniture and building material emissions. The Boston fern requires humidity and indirect light and will do best when sprayed with a mister from time to time.

In conclusion, these natural beauties can enrich your home as well as help improve your indoor air quality. People who have health concerns regarding their air quality though should consider an air purification system.

Air Purifiers like Reme Halo effectively remove all toxins, microbes, molds and virtually all contaminants and odors. For that reason, Air purifiers are more effective if there are health concerns.

Air Doctor Heating and Air can explain the benefits and provide you with a Free Estimate.


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