Pets and Your HVAC

Buddy dog

Having pets impacts your home’s Indoor Air Quality as well as your HVAC system. Here are some important things to consider regarding keeping Pets and how to protect your HVAC system. It is important to understand the effects and the best way to handle these issues. If you have pets, there are several things you can do to make your home and theirs safer, healthier and more comfortable for all of you.


Buddy dog

Importance of Cleaning Up After Pets

Obviously you need to clean up after your pets regularly and often. Regularly vacuuming your home and cleaning it will help keep the visible debris under control. Keeping the pets themselves clean by bathing and grooming will help keep dirt and dander at a minimum. Both cleaning your home and your pets will help keep you, your environment and your pets healthier.

Dirty Air Filter

Air Contamination

Pets (and people) produce dander and debris which accumulates in the environment as well as becoming airborne. Once these contaminants are in the air, you will breathe them in and they will negatively impact the air quality in your home and possibly your health. Your HVAC system is designed to remove some of these contaminants and debris with your air filter(s). Air Filters filter the debris from the air and can become clogged. Your air filters need to be checked often, at least once a month and changed whenever they appear dirty, at least every three months. It is sometimes necessary to change air filters every month when you have pets or high traffic.

Safety with Power Sources

Always keep your wires and power cords protected from pets. Chewing on and playing with cords and wiring can be very dangerous. Check often and if you find that cords and wires have been disturbed then take measures to protect them by safely enclosing them.



It is also important to check your outside unit(s) periodically to make sure that they are not being tampered with by pets, wildlife or others. Especially in some of our rural areas of Frederick or Washington Counties, especially in the mountain or valleys areas like Boonsboro, MD, Middletown, MD and Brunswick, MD. Sometimes your outdoor unit(s) can become a target for pet or wildlife tampering or urination. Urine can cause corrosive damage to your unit. You may need to fence in or cordon off the unit so that it is inaccessible by the culprit(s).


Air Doctor Heating and Air encourages you to take measures to protect your system inside and out. It can be wise to consider a whole home Air Purification System, See


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