May 23, 2019

Mismatched HVAC Systems

The problem with mismatched HVAC systems is that they are just that…systems. They work and perform best when the components indoors and outdoors match. These multi-component systems were designed to work together and operate most efficiently when they are matched.

How does a system become mismatched?

Oftentimes an older unit will require repair and a matching (same manufacturer paired component) part may no longer be available. Instead of replacing the entire system, a customer prefers to just replace the damaged part. This can be a compressor, a coil or any major component. Now the system has parts from different manufacturers and the parts are different ages.

What is wrong with a Mismatched system?

Replacing an entire system when a major component fails will save you money in the long run. Often if you just replace one major component it can cause strain on the remaining components and you may find that you are needing to replace the other component as well. Now you have two installations to pay for within two years of one another and you may still have a mismatched system!

Sensible Heat FactorWhen systems are mismatched there can be fluctuation issues between the sensible and latent BTUs which can cause systems not to perform well.

You may also find that manufacturers will not always honor a warranty with the thinking that the other component has caused this one to fail. There can be manufacturer tech support problems if the analysis readings differ from the norm with a matched system.

Why to consider replacing an entire system when a major component fails?

Matched SocksMatched systems perform better. They are designed to work together, the efficiency is far better with matched systems and they are more dependable systems. In the long run, the money you save with the proper efficiency, lack of down time, lack of repair expenses with a new matched system more than justifies the expense.

Air Doctor Heating and Air is always here to consult with you, give Free Estimates for replacement systems. We offer a 10 year warranty on parts and labor and have many Financing Options, short and long term.


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