April 7, 2023

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Cooling System? – Air Doctor

You want to be able to efficiently cool your home during the summer so that you can keep cool even when the temperature rises. You can still upgrade your HVAC, even if you were previously happy with your house’s cooling system.

HVAC systems do not last forever, and you might not be ready to deal with the consequences when they break down, such as dealing with the heat or cold until they get fixed or replaced. However, several obvious indicators suggest you should start discussing replacement with a dependable HVAC service specialist like Air Doctor. These are as follows:

1. The System Runs More Often and for Longer

Long-running cycles from your furnace or air conditioner indicate insufficient air being produced and circulated within your home to maintain the desired temperature. This issue can be brought on by various HVAC issues, including damaged coils and malfunctioning blower motors.

Systems need to stay on for longer as they age, becoming less effective in producing cool or warm air. Even after maintenance or repairs, an HVAC system that has to run much longer and more often than it formerly did is undoubtedly on its last legs. Your home will be kept at a consistent temperature with a new system, and you won’t have to put up with the constant humming sound of air conditioning.

2. You Spend a Lot of Money Cooling Your Home

A sizable portion of the power consumed in homes is for heating and cooling. The typical household will spend more than $1,000 yearly on heating and cooling expenses. If a unit is inefficient, energy costs start to soar without improving the home’s cooling requirements.

Consider replacing your HVAC system with an energy-efficient one if you’ve observed that your cooling expenditures have been rising over time rather than staying consistent. You may effectively chill your house in this manner while also making long-term financial savings.

The price of an HVAC system varies based on the size of your house, the brands of heating and cooling equipment you select, and whether you require new ductwork.

If you don’t want to buy a new one right away, you may also try cleaning the air ducts and replacing the filters to improve the unit’s efficiency. If these upkeep methods don’t work, the system can be broken. In this case, you will ultimately save a good amount of money on cooling if you replace it with a new one.

3. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining clean air and adequate ventilation in your home is one of your HVAC system’s most crucial tasks. But with time, especially if it’s not cleaned frequently, your equipment might gather dust and allergies that can spread throughout your house.

Debris accumulation can increase the risk of a fire while also dramatically lowering the efficiency of your system. Leaky ductwork is another potential cause of excessive dust in your home.

If you feel that the air quality inside your house is not up to the mark, you should call us immediately for the best HVAC replacement Frederick MD offers.

4. You Are Never Cool Enough Indoors

If the cooling capacity of your home’s current HVAC system is inadequate, it may be due to poor maintenance or aging. It’s possible that your current air conditioner isn’t providing your home with enough power to keep the interior cool efficiently. While certain spaces could be too warm to stand in, others might be chilly and inconvenient.

It can be challenging to determine how strong an air conditioner is required for the square footage it serves; thus, this is a common issue with homes that utilize conventional air conditioning equipment.

Making an appointment with our reputed Frederick heating and cooling company for an HVAC maintenance visit will allow you to identify the real cause of inadequate indoor cooling. An HVAC expert will inspect your existing cooling system to determine what improvements are required to adequately and efficiently cool your complete home.

Replacement might be an option if that doesn’t resolve the issue. The comfort of your house can be substantially enhanced by installing a new system.

5. High Repairs Cost

You wind up spending a lot of money over time if you have to keep calling a specialist for HVAC repairs. You might think it could be an issue with the radiator cap or the compressor, but the reality might be something else altogether. Moreover, the more often you have to fix the appliance, the more it costs you in the long run.

Keep in mind that replacing an HVAC system is less expensive than maintaining its components, such as its radiator caps, motor, coils, and compressor. Multiple repairs add up to higher costs than updating an outdated appliance. By investing in a modern cooling system, you can avoid needing frequent and expensive repairs.

6. The System is Making Strange Noises

When turned on, HVAC systems should emit a smooth, gentle hum. Instead, if you hear loud noises unrelated to any other sounds, it may be a symptom of a more serious issue, such as a failing motor, loose parts, or faulty cooling coils.

7. The System is Old (10+ Years)

A typical AC system has a lifespan of 10–15 years. It might endure longer with routine upkeep and suitable shelter. However, if you are still having issues after 10 years, it means its end is drawing closer.

A new air conditioner could help you save money on energy expenditures and maintenance and repair costs because newer models often have higher efficiency ratings.


You might want to consider replacing your heating and cooling system if you notice one or more of the indicators mentioned above in this article. Call us at the Air Doctor right away.

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