April 6, 2023

HVAC Wasting Energy

Your HVAC equipment could be wasting energy and costing you more to operate. HVAC systems should run efficiently, but many things can contribute to less efficiency and higher operating costs.


HVAC systems require clean air as well as clean parts to operate at it’s peak efficiency. Most people understand that their air filters need to be changed. Air filters actually need to be looked at every month and changed at least every 3 months or as often as every month if you have pets or high traffic.


Additionally, dirt, dust and debris can collect on coils, fans and other moving parts which can cause your unit(s) to work harder over time and become less efficient. They become energy wasteful and can even lead to costly system failures.

Wasting Energy

Most HVAC systems over time experience energy wasting problems which can cost homeowners far more in energy costs per year.

Electric Meter

For example:

  • 1/10” of dirt or debris on an evaporator coil can cause an energy use cost increase of 5% or more.
  • A dirty blower wheel can reduce air flow over 30%.
  • A refrigerant undercharge of 23% and cause a 52% efficiency loss.
  • 10% reduction in air volume (where excessive) can decrease fan energy consumption by 30%
  • A 15% return air leak from a 120 degree attic can double your operating costs
  • Depending on the conditions and severity, a savings of more than $100 per year may be possible where regular maintenance has been insufficient or lacking.

For More Information see  https://airdoctorhvac.com/how-to-increase-hvac-energy-efficiency/

Simply Changing Filters

Air Filter

Changing your air filter(s) at least every three months can make a difference and scheduling an HVAC maintenance visit with Air Doctor Heating and Air can make certain that your entire system is clean and operating optimally.

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Consider a New, Higher Energy Efficient System

If you have an older, less efficient system you may want to consider getting replacing your old system with a newer, high efficiency system. There are Potomac Edison rebates available for system upgrades for their customers as well.


Champion Air Conditioner and Gas Furnace


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