April 28, 2023

HVAC Warranty

An HVAC Warranty is very valuable to a home owner. It is most important to understand what the warranty covers as well as the terms. Your HVAC system is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. It is wise to know exactly where you stand with your warranty.

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There are two separate HVAC warranties to be aware of when purchasing a new HVAC system:

  • The Parts Warranty which is generally covered by the manufacturer
  • The Labor Warranty which is held by the installation company.

The terms can be anywhere from 0 days to 10 years for each. The specifications for these warranties should be in writing and made known prior to your signing any installation contract. Since these are binding contacts, they can be limited in liability and are not negotiable after the fact.

A good HVAC warranty is your protection from large expenditures for a specified period of time. Your HVAC Equipment is arguably the hardest working equipment in your home. It is designed to last and a good warranty helps to ensure it will.

Parts Warranty

The term or duration of the HVAC warranty generally means the length of time the warranty covers. Parts are warrantied by the manufacturer for their workmanship and cover against defect. Many residential systems will come with a five year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Often these warranties can be extended to ten years IF the product is registered to the property owner with the manufacturer. Air Doctor Heating and Air registers all equipment we install (where there is a ten year warranty) and keeps records and all documentation.

Warranties do not transfer automatically to a new owner if the property sells. If the warranty is transferrable, then the new owner has 30 days after settlement to register the equipment in their name and often the manufacturer charges an admin fee to do so. For More Information

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Be aware that parts warranties are always subject to approval by the manufacturer and do not cover damage (weather, physical, electrical) or tampering. No one should touch, repair or attempt to repair or replace parts on your HVAC equipment unless they are certified and licensed in your jurisdiction. That would void your warranty. Manufacturers may also require service maintenance records before approving a warranty replacement. It is very important that your system be inspected annually to meet this requirement.

Labor Warranty

A Labor warranty covers the installation itself and any labor work involved in repair or replacing warrantied parts. Labor warranties can be from none to 10 years.  It is important to know the specific terms of your warranty. With new installations, Air Doctor Heating and Air offers a 10 year parts and 10 year labor warranty. Most HVAC companies warranty new parts but not labor or very limited labor. It is a very important thing to know before purchase.

If a major component fails during the first ten years, a ten year parts warranty will cover the cost of the replacement part, but without a labor warranty the cost can be very, very significant.

Limitations and Requirements

Many HVAC warranties cover parts only, not labor. Be sure to know what is and is not covered before you commit to a new system. This equipment is very expensive and any failure of the system could be very costly if not covered. There will be requirements which must be met in order to qualify the warranty. These requirements will be contained in the actual written warranty. The typical requirements:

  • Registering the equipment with the manufacturer **When buying a new home the buyer may still need to reregister the equipment with the manufacturer. See our article regarding registering warranties on new home purchases.
  • Requirements about qualified maintenance. Most warranties will require yearly maintenance by a qualified, certified HVAC professional for the term of the contract. Failure to comply may void the warranty. Air Doctor Heating and Air  CFL ten year labor warranty includes a maintenance contract for two years with new installations at no added cost. Continuing the maintenance contract after that is available for a reasonable fee.
  • Conditions for voiding the warranty include, but are not limited to: alterations, tampering, unauthorized work or service, not following maintenance requirements, failure to register equipment.


Not following these conditions may void your warranty. Never replace parts, modify parts or operation, operate in any manner that is not specified in order to protect your warranty. Do’s and Don’ts for a homeowner Always have your new system properly maintained and serviced by authorized professionals only. Maintenance and service by Air Doctor Heating and Air will ensure you are compliant with your warranty. HVAC Maintenance

Keeping records

It is wise to keep all records for any and all work done to your system whether parts are replaced or not. Air Doctor Heating and Air monitors all warranties for new installations we install. We keep all necessary records to provide in case of a warranty claim to make certain you are protected. So whether you are in Charles Town or Martinsburg, West Virginia, Hagerstown, Brunswick, Frederick or Mt Airy Maryland, we have you covered. Call or Text us for a Free Estimate 301-799-7200 or Contact Us

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