HVAC Recycling

HVAC Recycling

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Air Doctor Heating and Air recycles. Whether it is salvaging scrap metal or safely reclaiming and cleaning refrigerant, we recycle to help protect our environment.

All older equipment removed from installation work are recycled. It is much more work to recycle rather than dump materials in a landfill, but recycling is always best for our environment.

R22 Freon Refrigerant

R22, Freon has been banned from production in the US since 2010 and will be banned from import by next year. It will no longer be available once existing supplies are used up.

Whenever you replace an older system that used R22, it is important that the refrigerant is properly reclaimed, placed in a tank and taken to a licensed recycling center where it can be properly and safely cleaned or destroyed.

Aluminum and Other Metals

Any recyclable metals are broken down and extracted for Green Initiative Recycling programs. This includes entire units and components.

The Newer HVAC Industry

Caring about our environment is of the utmost importance when handling older, large, environmentally unfriendly equipment and chemicals.

Our industry as a whole is striving to become more environmentally safe with more energy efficient systems and components. Air Doctor Heating and Air can help you find a new system which is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


HVAC Licenses

  •   MD HVAC # 17747
  •   WV HVAC # 07874
  •   VA HVAC # 2710071510
  •   PA HICR # PA152515

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