June 26, 2019

HVAC Placement


The placement of your indoor and outdoor HVAC equipment can be an important consideration. It must be placed so that it receives proper airflow and accessibility. There are several other things to consider as well. Once your unit has been installed it is too late to correct any misplacements. If you are going to have a new system installed, there are several things to take into account.

The manufacturer will have specifics regarding placement and air flow, but generally speaking we have several considerations to offer.

Outside Units

Placement of your outside unit(s). Airflow around the outside unit(s) should be at least 24” surrounding three sides and 6” to the building. It is important to have at least 48” clearance over the top of the unit(s). Additionally, it is important to keep bushes, grass weeds and debris cleared away from the unit.

Inhibiting air flow to your unit(s) can cause damage or cause the system to overwork and become less efficient.

Inside Units

If possible, units should not be placed in the attic if there is a better choice available.  The extreme heat exposure in an attic can cause the unit to work harder, be less efficient and less accessible in case of repair. There can be added repair costs due to difficult accessibility.

You can often save on energy and repair costs by keeping your indoor system in accessible, habitable areas.

In Conclusion

It is important to be aware of HVAC installation standards before you have an HVAC installation and placement. This ensures that the airflow and accessibility are properly allowed for.

As a professional HVAC service provider, we often encounter accessibility or obstruction issues. We are often at sites where a outside unit is installed behind a wall, fence or other barrier. Instances where someone has placed a cover over the unit, etc. These are all very bad ideas for your air conditioning or heat pump units.

Air Doctor Heating and Air always installs units to manufacturer specs. We offer Free Estimates if you are considering a new system.


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