March 21, 2019

HVAC Air Filters


The importance of changing your system’s HVAC air filters regularly cannot be over stated. It is a crucial aspect of your HVAC system running at it’s peak efficiency. It is also critical in filtering out potentially dangerous allergens, bacteria, dirt, debris from the air you breathe.

You should look at your HVAC Air Filters every month and replace them at least every three months, OFTEN every month if you have pets or high traffic.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty Air Filter

HVAC Air filters become dirty as they clean your air. Trapping dirt, debris, hair, chemicals, mold spores, bacteria and other contaminants. It may surprise you how quickly this can happen.

As more and more foreign materials become trapped in the fibers of the filter, less and less air flow occurs. This can negatively impact the operation of your HVAC equipment and make it work harder using more energy. Additionally, your system becomes less and less able to filter out those contaminants leaving them in the air you are breathing.

Pets heavily contribute to contaminants in the air and changing your filter more frequently is important if you have pets.

MERV Ratings

The MERV Rating used to rank HVAC Air Filters indicates the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The higher the ranking the greater the filtering. For residential HVAC systems, the best MERV ratings are generally #4-12 depending on the needs. Higher filtrations are used in more industrial situations. They cause too much resistance when used with residential HVAC equipment.

Merv Rating Diagram

MERV #7 rating can greatly reduce mold spores. HEPA filters can help remove allergens and bacteria.

Only use high quality, pleated filters which are the correct size.

Potomac Edison Offer

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