January 14, 2019

How to Properly Care For Your Gas Fireplace


How to properly care for your Vented or Non Vented Gas Fireplace. A Gas Fireplace can be a warm, inviting addition to your home. It is of the utmost importance that it be clean and operate properly for full enjoyment and safety for you and your family.

Cleaning Your Gas Fireplace

Most of the regular cleaning can be done by you, but the system should be inspected by a professional once a year prior to it’s first use of the season to be sure it is operating safely.

In order for you to properly maintain and clean your Vented Gas Fireplace  the following steps should be done:

• Turn the gas off and pilot light and allow the logs to completely cool.
• Remove each log and the burners.
• Brush each piece with a stiff brush.
• Vacuum the interior of the fireplace to remove any debris and scrub with a brush and water if needed.
• Inspect the interior of the chimney to make sure it is clear from debris and open.
• Replace burners and logs.
• Turn on gas and light pilot.

**If you smell gas or if the pilot will not light, then turn off the gas and call your service professional. Air Doctor Heating and Air will provide prompt service and repair to make sure your system is running properly and safely.

• If the flame looks different that normal, then turn it off and call your service professional.

Cleaning a Non Vented or Vent Free System:

• Never clean with chemicals or cleaning agents.
• Do not remove the logs or any parts
• If you need to clean, then make sure the gas and pilot are off
• Vacuum the area and gently brush the area
• For any other service on your vent free system, contact your service professional. Air Doctor Heating and Air is ready to serve all your HVAC and gas furnace needs

Always be safe with your Gas Fireplace system!


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