How to increase HVAC energy efficiency

How to increase HVAC energy efficiency

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Your HVAC systems represent a large energy expense. Some of that energy may be wasted if your systems are not operating efficiently or if you are losing heat or air. There are things you can do to save energy and energy costs. The energy department estimates that it can improve energy savings by up to 35% by increasing its energy efficiency.

Insulate, reduce air leakage

To increase energy efficiency, make sure you don’t lose your conditioned air (heated or cooled) through doors, windows or attic. Adding insulation if there is not enough can help keep the conditioned air where it belongs. In addition, it may be beneficial to check exposed pipes, outlets and ductwork for air leaks. An insulating wrap can be applied to these areas to seal them properly.

Your air flow

Replacing your Air Filters and keeping indoor and outdoor units free of dirt and debris can help keep the air flowing. This can help increase energy efficiency. Your systems require adequate airflow to operate efficiently. Air filters should be checked monthly and replaced at least every three months.

Programmable thermostats

Installing programmable thermostats is an excellent way to reduce your energy costs. They allow you to heat or cool specific areas at specific times of the day. This can result in energy savings by reducing your energy use in those areas.

Upgrade your equipment

If your current system is older, but well maintained, it may benefit from an upgrade. Replacing components in otherwise well-maintained systems may be a good option for you. Components such as compressors, controls or other parts are a less expensive replacement option to complete the system replacement.

Invest in replacement HVAC systems with high energy ratings

There have been major improvements in the HVAC industry with the focus on energy efficiency. These systems can greatly reduce your energy costs and improve indoor air quality at the same time. Air Doctor Heating & Air will provide you with a free estimate. Our installations are a safe investment with our Ten Year Warranty on parts and labor. Financing options are available for up to ten years for secure and deferred payments.

HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC Maintenance This will increase energy efficiency. It is very important to keep your systems properly maintained. HVAC maintenance ensures that your systems are running properly and at peak efficiency for the best results. Air Doctor Heating & Air offers a maintenance contract that requires us to inspect your systems twice a year: heating in the fall and air conditioning in the spring. Our comprehensive inspection will ensure that your systems are performing at their best.


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