May 3, 2019

High HVAC Costs


HVAC systems represent a high cost to consumers in the purchase and running of them. Your heating and air conditioning costs amount to a substantial portion of your home’s energy expenses, often up to 50%. There are; however, way to cut costs down and save money.

HVAC Services

The services you need from HVAC specialists are generally maintenance and repair. Repairs can be expensive and are usually billed as parts cost plus labor.

There is a large investment that your HVAC company makes in providing proper service for you and it is very costly. There are wages for the best technicians and mechanics to be found. Then there is ongoing training and overhead costs including insurance and licensing.

Air Doctor Heating and Air offers discounts and specials whenever possible to help you save on these costs.

Scheduling regular maintenance on your system, twice a year, can help save you costs in preventing problems with parts before they fail. Air Doctor Heating and Air provides maintenance contracts to help with additional savings in having this work done.

There are some things you can do yourself to make sure your system is running properly. See our article on do-it-yourself tips.

HVAC Installations

There will come a point when an old system needs to be replaced. Either it fails, or operates inefficiently and costs too much to operate. New HVAC systems are a large investment. There are many things you should know if you are considering a replacement.

New, Energy efficient systems can amount to big savings in the long run. These units are SEER Rated as to their efficiency. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system and the higher your potential savings.

The higher rated SEER units are generally more expensive so the long term, overall savings should be factored in to your decision.

You should consider a high efficiency HVAC system.  It is most beneficial when there are discounts, specials and rebates offered which can drastically reduce your installation cost. Some discounts are seasonal and sometimes manufacturer driven. Rebates are offered at times through your power company or State to encourage higher SEER, more energy efficient products. Air Doctor Heating and Air has a number of Specials and Discounts as well as Potomac Edison rebates which are listed on our Specials and Discounts page.

We also offer many financing options up to 10 years and sometimes financing promotions. See our Financing page for the most up to date information.


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