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HVAC Financing Options

HVAC Equipment Financing

When you encounter major expenditures with your HVAC equipment, it might be time to consider financing options. Often expenses related to your HVAC equipment are not anticipated.

Financing options can help you best manage those unexpected costs. They can allow zero out-of-pocket initial expense so you can better manage budgeting.

Financing Options

We at Air Doctor Heating and Air are pleased to announce that we now have more financing options than ever for your HVAC installations and repairs. From short term to long term and an option for 0% interest, you can now finance any of your heating and air expenses.

These financing options are available to qualified applicants. There are many available options you can choose from. Air Doctor Heating and Air has two third party finance companies to select from. These companies specialize in the home improvement industry. Applying online is safe and secure and all data you share with them is private, protected and not shared with your service provider. Any arrangements you make with any lender is between you and the lender. Air Doctor Heating and Air is not a party to nor responsible for these arrangements.

  • Air Doctor Heating and Air works with several lenders in order to provide you with safe, secure financing to assist you with your Heating and Cooling needs.
  • NEIF, Offers Trusted, Guaranteed Monthly Payment Financing for Home Energy Upgrades. Simple interest, low monthly payment options for heating, cooling, HVAC energy improvements. No lien. No fees. No pre-payment penalties. For Homeowners for Contractors Upgrade your home’s efficiency,
  • GreenSky Credit Offers 10 Year Financing on new installations at a rate of 9.99% fixed rate with no money down for qualified applicants. Other options also available, ask our comfort specialist for details.

We encourage you to view their Terms and Conditions before deciding. The information may be found on the GreenSky Website directly or through the application process.

**Disclaimer- Air Doctor LLC, dba Air Doctor Heating and Air makes these financing options by third party lenders available for your convenience. These secure links are provided for your protection and privacy. Air Doctor Heating and Air does not have access to any communications nor financial data you provide to these lenders directly. Any agreements, contracts or arrangements you enter into with these lenders are between you and the lender. Air Doctor LLC, dba Air Doctor Heating and Air, it’s owners, staff and/ or other affiliates are not responsible for any agreements made between you and the lender.


Redbrick only finances new installations and offer terms from five to ten years.


Synchrony will finance both new installations as well as repair work. There are four financing options available and include options for short term, long term and 0% interest.

Air Doctor Heating and Air recommends you research each lender and know the terms before deciding if one of these options is the best choice for you.


NEIF Offers a prescreening that enables you to check your qualifications without applying:  NEIF Prescreening.  To apply, complete the NEIF Online Application.  Or view their Consumer Information Video.

Financiamiento Options From Greensky

10-year financing on new installations at a rate of 9.99% fixed rate with no money down for qualified applicants. Other options are also available, ask our comfort specialist for details.  For more information, see the GreenSky Customer Portal.

Fernwood Capital & Leasing

Commercial financing now available through Fernwood Capital & Leasing. Terms and conditions are available on their Website.  To apply, complete their Online Application.


How to Finance an HVAC System

HVAC systems make an essential addition to any functional household. From maintaining good indoor air quality to providing thermal comfort, an HVAC unit can go a long way for homeowners. But needless to say, several factors must be considered when financing a new HVAC system. If you are struggling with high upfront costs, financing options available at Airdoctor can come to your rescue. 

We offer HVAC 0 percent financing in collaboration with several lenders to adequately meet your heating and cooling needs. This includes low-interest NEIF offers with guaranteed monthly payment financing. Other options include GreenSky Credit for over 10 years of financing and commercial financing alternatives. 

How to get Approved Financing for a New HVAC System

Financing a new HVAC system is not a straightforward process. You need to get approved for financing before you can receive economic support. Rest assured, you can go about approving your HVAC 0 financing in several ways. One of the most common ways is to unlock your credit 24 hours before applying for financing. 

It is also essential to know the required credit score for receiving financing. A poor credit score can lead to application rejection. Similarly, remember not to apply for multiple credit applications since frequent credit pulls can result in denied financing. Incorporate the correct information in the application and ensure you have a clear vision of the credit amount you need to borrow.

Why should you finance?

HVAC financing can benefit homeowners in several ways. First, it allows buyers to choose the best system to meet their needs. When you are backed by adequate financing, you do not have to compromise on quality to fit a strict budget. This means you can go ahead with a purchase that caters to your household needs. 

Furthermore, customers are entitled to rebates and tax credits when purchasing a new system through HVAC financing. Multiple payment options, a fast application process, and a low minimum monthly payment can easily streamline the entire experience. And in case your system requires repair sooner than expected, customers can take advantage of part and labor warranty to cover costs.

HVAC Licenses

  •   MD HVAC # 17747
  •   WV HVAC # 07874
  •   VA HVAC # 2710071510
  •   PA HICR # PA152515
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