May 1, 2019

Financing Benefits


Air Doctor Heating and Air offers many Financing Options for your large, HVAC purchases. Your HVAC Equipment does  represent a very large investment in your home. Financing can help lessen the burden when you need to replace a system.

HVAC equipment provides you with heat, cooling and proper ventilation although it is more than just that. A properly functioning HVAC system provides safety and health benefits. Keeping you warm in the Winter, cool in the Summer and providing you clean, healthy air throughout the year, it is, perhaps, the most important equipment in your home.

When it breaks down, does not run properly or efficiently, it can be a large expenditure. Often it can be an unexpected expense. Choosing financing options can help in many ways.

Benefits of Financing

Financing Options give you flexibility in choosing equipment and plans which most benefit you. Financing a large purchase can allow you to consider more efficient, though sometimes more expensive options.

Air Doctor Heating and Air offers many financing options to consider. Benefits for qualified applicants include:

  • Easy, secure online application process.
  • Quick approval time.
  • Low monthly payments.
  • No initial out-of-pocket expense.
  • Online statements.
  • Easy online payment options.
  • Long and short term options available- up to ten years.
  • Automatic payment withdrawal option.
  • Monthly payments with fixed rates.
  • Limited time financing promotional opportunities, sometimes 0% offers are available.

Utilizing financing options along with discounts, specials and rebates can equate to big savings overall. Check our Specials, Discounts page for current offers. Air Doctor Heating and Air will advise you on any and all promotions, specials, discounts and rebates available to you.

New Installations

RedBrick Financial

The benefits of financing options enable you to consider replacing an older, less efficient system with a newer, more energy efficient system for greater long term savings. RedBrick Financial and Foundation Finance Company are two providers we offer.

These new, high energy efficient units will provide many years of savings and also provide you with peace of mind. We at Air Doctor Heating and Air offer a 10 year warranty on parts and labor so you are well covered.

It helps to weigh your options and we do provide Free Estimates.


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