May 20, 2019

Ductless, Mini Split AC


Ductless, Mini Split Air Conditioning systems are well worth considering in certain circumstances.

Central Air systems operate by sending air through ductwork. The ducts direct the flow of air through tubes or metal tunnels.

Central Air, Air Duct Systems

Air Ducts generally occupy crawl spaces and can be made from a variety of materials:

  • Sheet Metal
  • Fiberglass Ducts- Sheet metal lined with fiberglass for insulation
  • Fiberboard
  • Flex Coil

Air ducts can be expensive to install and require some upkeep from periodic cleaning to checking for leaks.

If they leak conditioned air then you will be spending a lot of your energy expenses on wasted space, cause your HVAC system to work harder with less output.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

The Ductless, mini split systems are permanently mounted. They are a wise choice to consider especially in the following circumstances:

  • New Construction where space is a concern.
  • Existing buildings where there is no existing ductwork
  • Multi family homes
  • Room Additions
  • Converted Basements, Garages, Attics

Ductless Air systems rated from 14 SEER to 30 SEER energy efficient models which can also qualify for Potomac Edison Rebates up to $400.

With ductless systems, there is no expensive costs to install ducts if there are no existing ducts. There would also not be any need to periodically clean the ducts. Without ducts, there is no conditioned air loss which wastes energy.

Ductless systems are generally very quiet to operate, some as low as 19 decibels. They offer efficient zone control which helps eliminate hot or cold zones in your home.

Air Doctor Heating and Air offers Free Quotes if you would like to consider the benefits of ductless air conditioning. We offer 10 year Warranty on Parts and Labor and have short and long term financing options available for qualified applicants.


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