February 22, 2019

Customer Service, Above and Beyond


Customer service is the care a business offers it’s clientele before, during and after doing business. A reputable business will care for their clients and stand behind their products and services. A customer has a right to expect good, fair customer service from those companies they choose to do business with.

Not every business has good customer service, in fact many do not. Often the customer’s recourse is just to business elsewhere. This may work for many on a smaller scale, but when you get to large investments like your HVAC equipment it is of utmost importance to receive excellent customer service.

Before doing Business

Great customer service begins before you do business. The customer should know before any business is conducted that they are dealing with a company with the skills, licensing, resources and people to handle the work properly. The pricing should be fair and communicated properly.

Air Doctor Heating and Air is licensed, accredited and employs highly skilled technicians and mechanics. We invest in continuing training and education. We do this because we stand behind all our work.

Air Doctor Heating and Air offers free estimates. Our pricing is fair and competitive.

On the Job

The technicians and mechanics should be prompt, professional and courteous. You will find that Air Doctor Heating and Air technicians and mechanics are all this and more. Our uniformed staff are reliable, knowledgeable and wear boot protectors to keep your floors clean.

If you are without heat or air conditioning and waiting for contracted installations, we will even bring in portable heating or air conditioning units for your comfort at no charge.

After the work

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider. Does the company stand behind the work? Air Doctor Heating and Air stands behind all the work we do. With new installations we have a 10 year warranty on parts and labor. Ideally your system will work seamlessly for a very long time, but it is great to know that the installation company values your business and backs it up for your peace of mind.


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