COVID-19 Response


COVID-19 Response

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HVAC Service is a Designated Essential Business

COVID-19 is affecting mist everyone’s life in our service areas including Washington Co, MD, Frederick Co, MD, other nearby areas in Maryland as well as Berkeley Co, WV and Jefferson Co, MD. We remain committed to providing outstanding service throughout our area and stand ready to provide for your essential Heating, Air Conditioning and ventilation needs.

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Air Doctor Heating and Air, New Protocols to protect our clients

With the concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we, at Air Doctor Heating and Air have implemented the following protocols over concerns for the safety and welfare of all our clients and staff. While we are always careful when servicing our customers, we believe these additional steps will help reduce concerns.

These are long term plans which will allow you to be assured that we are addressing health concerns pro-actively.

  • Staff will not come to the office or work in the field if there are any signs of illness, fever or cough present by the staff member or members of their households.
  • All technicians will keep disinfectant in their trucks and apply before and after each service call including wiping down tools, equipment and the steering wheel of their vehicle.
  • In addition to wearing the already required boot covers when they enter a client’s home, they will also wear protective gloves and are instructed to not shake hands. This is a business where handshakes are commonplace and a natural greeting, but in these times it is the best practice to forego handshakes. Instead expect our technicians to offer their same professional, friendly and warm verbal greetings.
  • The technicians will, as always clean the work area before leaving, but are also instructed to wipe any area down where they have been working with disinfectant wipes.

We sincerely hope that everyone stays safe and healthy now and in the future and you can trust that Air Doctor Heating and Air will do our part to help keep you safe and comfortable.


HVAC Licenses

  •   MD HVAC # 17747
  •   WV HVAC # 07874
  •   VA HVAC # 2710071510
  •   PA HICR # PA152515

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