Attic Ventilation Fans

Ventilador de ventilación del ático

Attic Ventilation Fans

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Gable Attic Vent

The benefits of an attic ventilation fan are more cumulative rather than instantaneous. An attic fan operates as an exhaust and will work to push hot air out of the attic through a vent. Normally a shuttered or louvered vent. As heat continually rises, the attic fan will help eliminate accumulating heat.

As the heat is evacuated, moisture and odors can also be reduced.

How Your Attic Heats Up

Radiant Roof Heat Gain

There are several ways your attic collects heat. One dynamic is that heat rises and will naturally be drawn upwards from your living space. The other is by heat gain which radiates through your roofing into the attic.

Attic Ventilation Fan Benefits

An attic exhaust fan will not only help reduce accumulating heat, but also excessive moisture. The benefits include reducing the workload of your air conditioner and adding longevity of your roofing. Additionally, it can reduce musty odors as well.

The Negative Side

There are some negatives to consider before you make your decision. They do use energy to operate. They can reduce the workload of your air conditioner and result in less energy use. However, the cost to run the fan could exceed the savings.

If the fan exhausts the heat from the attic, there can be negative pressure. This will cause your air conditioned air to be drawn up into the attic. This is a waste of your air conditioned air and will increase your energy costs.

In Conclusion

Radiant Heat Barrier

These fans are not necessary in all applications. Do not over ventilate your attic. To help with radiant heat and heat gain through the roof, it is wise to consider a radiant heat barrier. Always check your insulation and seals before investing in an attic ventilation fan. Contact Air Doctor Heating and Air, we are always here to consult with you on all your heating, Air Conditioning, Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation Needs.


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