June 30, 2023

HVAC Installation: Everything You Need to Know

We know how important a correctly installed HVAC system is for providing a comfortable and energy-efficient environment, whether at home or office.

While you don’t need to become an HVAC specialist, there are a few things you should be aware of. HVAC installation is a trade that requires at least 4 years of school and training. Read on to learn everything you need to know about an HVAC installation service.

Size Of The Unit

This is one of the most crucial yet ignored aspects in assessing indoor air quality. Even the best AC units will not work properly if they are not the correct size. If the unit is small, you will struggle to heat or cool the space evenly. In contrast, a too-large unit will struggle to run efficiently. Oversized units frequently misjudge the temperature and shut off before the cycle is finished. To avoid this, do thorough research and seek advice from our professional team at Air Doctor Heating and Air. Our experienced team will give you advice and feedback and help you select the best equipment.

Do You Need Ductless or Central Air Units?

When getting an HVAC unit, there are two basic types of units – Central air conditioning and ductless mini-split systems. To help circulate air throughout your home, central air conditioning uses a single primary HVAC unit and ducting. Bigger spaces like offices and commercial buildings often rely on a central heating and cooling system, which is more effective and cost-efficient.

Would You Need New Duct Work?

Do you need to install ductwork for a new central air conditioning system? This can be a serious issue if your home or office does not already have a ducting framework. Installing vents and ducts where none previously existed can be time-consuming. Before installing, make sure you check with your HVAC installer because, for some clients, this may be the deciding factor between central air and ductless units. However, if your ducts are already installed, and in good condition, a new central air unit is, frequently the best alternative.

Learn Basic HVAC Maintenance

Your AC service professional is the expert who can manage the most serious issues that arise. But knowing the basics of HVAC maintenance will make your life a lot easier. Although at Air Doctor Heating and Air, we provide HVAC 24-hour emergency service, knowing regular maintenance measures such as replacing filters, keeping the area around the units clear and free, and making sure the unit in firm ground is always recommended.

Research For Unique Offers and Warranty Schemes

Lastly, when selecting an HVAC installer, do your homework well. The best air conditioning machine will be rendered useless if it is not properly installed and the follow-up services are not up to the mark. Air Doctor Heating and Air have many attractive offers like Carrier warranty transfer and other features that make us the best choice for HVAC installation and servicing. Our staff and technicians will be able to guide you and answer all your queries while offering follow-up visits to confirm that the system is operating properly after installation.


When it comes to HVAC installation services, Air Doctor Heating and Air offers professional expertise and delivers top-notch services, whether you are installing a new system or upgrading your existing one. Contact us today to set up a consultation and discover the difference that only skilled HVAC installation can make.