August 27, 2021

Empower Maryland

The Empower Maryland Direct Install program pays to replace qualified HVAC systems! Small businesses, churches, agencies, private schools and non profit organizations can benefit. Empower Maryland Direct Install Program pays to install new, energy efficient HVAC Systems! This is great news for Maryland small businesses and organizations who would like to save money and improve energy efficiency.

Empower Maryland Direct Install

Potomac Edison (First Energy Corporation) has joined with Willdan to reduce Maryland business energy costs. Through their partnership with Air Doctor Heating and Air we will work together to provide qualified businesses and organizations with Direct Install HVAC solutions to high energy use. This program will pay to lower utility bills and reduce energy consumption.

Qualifying for the Empower Maryland Direct Install program

It costs nothing to see if your business or organization qualifies for the Empower Maryland Direct Install  program. A no-cost quick assessment by our comfort team specialist will provide you with all you need to know.

The Department of Energy estimates that 77% of electrical usage in Maryland is from businesses and commercial use. Empower Maryland is committed to reducing carbon emissions 50% by the year 2030.

Energy Efficient Planet to Empower Maryland

The program’s goal is to improve energy value throughout Maryland. By helping to pay for new, highly efficient HVAC systems this goal will be accomplished. Whether your organization uses Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning, gas split systems or packaged units, the Empower Maryland program will pay up to 70% for a new replacement system if qualified.

Upgrading Your HVAC Equipment

Energy Star LogoThere are many reasons to consider replacing your existing HVAC equipment. Energy consumption is high on that list. HVAC systems can lose efficiency over time leading to higher and higher energy expenses. Reducing energy costs can save a lot on money in the long term.

Additionally, systems more than ten years old may be using R22 Freon refrigerant which has become obsolete. R22 was banned from production in the United States in 2010 and banned from import in 2020.  R22 is often unavailable and very costly when it is needed. Systems using R22 will need to be replaced at some point. Only now you can have part of that cost subsidized.

Champion Commercial Rooftop Unit

Newer, more energy efficient HVAC systems can provide better ventilation. They are quieter to operate and we can offer a ten year parts and ten year labor warranty. Older systems often require costly repairs. Having a ten year parts and ten year labor warranty can provide peace of mind and less out-of-pocket expenditures.

There are many HVAC technologies which will help accomplish energy savings. Inverter technology allows for variable speed motors which are far less energy consuming and much more efficient overall.

Aside from energy savings, newer more energy efficient systems come with better comfort controls. WiFi and programmable features and more are available.

Saving on Installation costs with Empower Maryland

Air Doctor Heating and Air employs highly skilled, well trained and certified technicians to install your new system. With our competitive pricing, you will not find a better HVAC company to work with. From consulting, estimating, installation and maintaining your systems, we are with you for the long term.

The Empower Maryland program will actually pay qualified applicants up to 70% of your installation cost! A new, energy efficient system could cost as little as 30% of the actual cost to you. You do not need to wait for reimbursement. You would only pay your predetermined, reduced cost, Air Doctor Heating and Air will furnish and install the equipment and the Empower Maryland will pay the balance. Your energy savings then continues for many years to come.

Saving on Energy Costs with Emower Maryland

Long term savings in energy costs helps you, helps Maryland and helps the environment for all of us now and in the future.