October 22, 2019

Lowering Heating Costs


Lowering heating costs can save you a lot of money. Heating costs are high and lowering them is always a benefit. The Winter and can get very expensive as the temperatures drop. There are several things you can do to maximize your heat, heating system and save on these costs. Here are some helpful tips:

Clean, Maintain your Furnace

Fall Maintenance

To help in lowering heating costs, keep your furnace, heat pump, vents and filters clean. Make sure they are free of dirt, debris and clutter. Change your air filters often so your system runs more efficiently and uses less energy. Make sure the vents are cleaned, vacuumed regularly and that the coils are not collecting dirt which may cause them to work harder. Schedule Fall Maintenance service to make sure your system is performing optimally before it has to work hard.

Programmable or Smart Thermostats

Use Programmable or smart thermostats. so that the areas in your home that you are using at certain times of the day or night are kept at the correct temperature for you while non occupied areas are kept cooler and not using heat. This will help on lowering heating costs as well.

Close off Unused rooms

Only heat rooms which are in use. Close off vents, keep doors closed in extra rooms so the heat will not be wasted.

Sun, Heat Gain

Allow the sun in! Open curtains on south facing windows to allow the sun’s natural heat to warm those rooms. This is a natural way to absorb heat gain and save on heating costs.

Insulation, Sealing

Make sure your home is properly insulated and sealed at the windows and doors. Invest in insulation and seals if necessary which will help keep the warm air inside. You can also add a radiant heat barrier to help with lowering heating costs.


Add humidity if your air is excessively dry. Heating systems can dry the air out, adding humidity can help you feel warmer at lower temperatures. Investing in a steam humidifier will ensure that your air is healthy and comfortable. Adding house plants can increase humidity naturally.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan

Use ceiling fans to increase circulation. Setting ceiling fans on low will circulate the air and heat. Using fans moving clockwise at low speed will help push heat downward into the room. In the Summer having the fans move counter clockwise will help pull the heat up and cool the room.


Air Doctor Heating and Air can help you if your Heating system is not running efficiently or wasting energy. Call us for an inspection if your suspect your system is not operating properly. Lowering heating costs is something we can help you with.