August 9, 2019

Inverter Technology


Inverter Technology is relatively new in whole house central air conditioning applications. The inverter technology in new HVAC systems offers many benefits to homeowners such as:

  • Higher Efficiency.
  • Greater Energy Savings.
  • More Uniform temperatures in your home.
  • Quieter operation.

Inverter SystemThis latest HVAC inverter technology has been developing over the past several years and has been utilized in Ductless Mini Split applications for awhile. Now offered by many manufacturers for whole home ducted systems as a means to improve performance and efficiency.

Variable Speed Technology

Inverter technology systems use variable speed technology in place of traditional single or two stage operation. Single stage operation is an all or nothing technology. The system is either on or it is off, 0% or 100% with no variable operation. The cycles are short, but frequent so the system turns off and on many times throughout the day. It is much like a vehicle which would be at zero or 100% acceleration. You can imagine that the fuel consumption would be very high.

Two stage operation adds a variation at relatively 0%, 70% and 100% which does relieve some fluctuation in temperatures and allows better efficiency.

Temperature Disgram

Inverter technology systems use true variable speed operation. This allows for operation based on real time actual need and will adjust continuously as required. This virtually eliminates the wasteful starts and stops. The efficiency is similar to that of Geothermal, but is less expensive to install and maintain. Inverter systems also operate much more quietly. Additionally, they are more efficient than standard air conditioners at removing excess humidity. Since the system runs at variable speeds continuously, humidity is more continuously removed and does not accumulate.

Efficiency and Savings

The savings can be substantial, estimates from 40-50% energy savings for the air conditioning costs. With the systems warrantied for 10 years and lasting even longer, these savings can really add up over time.

Inverter technology offers this kind of efficiency by reducing energy usage and is environmentally friendly.

Pros and Cons

Bosch System

The news is really all beneficial for inverter technology and variable speed operation. The initial cost to install is considerably higher and must be weighed with all considerations. The savings over time can certainly exceed the initial expense.

Air Doctor Heating and Air offers many Financing Options for qualified applicants:

  • Short term,
  • Long term or
  • 0% Interest for 60 months

These options allow installation without any upfront cost and your savings can be applied over the course of the financing.

At Air Doctor Heating and Air we offer 10 year warranty on Parts AND Labor!

We often have Specials which can also help offset the costs for you.