July 29, 2019

Upstairs Doesn’t Stay Cool


“My upstairs doesn’t stay cool” report many customers. There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to find the problem that so many people experience.

In fact, there can be multiple reasons why multi level homes experience this.

Heat Rises

One reason your upstairs doesn’t stay cool is excess heat. Excess Heat accumulates in the areas of a home by many factors. Heat gain comes from windows, from occupants, heat from ranges, microwaves, appliances, leaking seals around doors and windows. Heat rises and so accumulating heat will rise from lower floors to the upstairs.

Heat Rises

This can mean that your upstairs is significantly warmer than your downstairs areas. At that point, your air conditioning system will work harder to try and cool the much warmer upstairs.


Roof is Absorbing Heat from the Sun, Inadequate Venting

Heat gain can occur with radiating heat from the sun on your roof. There are several ways of reducing this type of radiating heat. This can be a significant source of heat gain.

One way to reduce rooftop radiating heat is by venting the attic so that rising heat can escape. Another way is to install a radiant heat barrier which will help repel the heat and lessen the gain. Lastly an attic ventilation fan can help disperse accumulating heat.

All of these remedies will help lessen the effects of heat gain in your home and relieve the air conditioning workload.

Leaks in Insulation, Ductwork and Seals

Adding Insulation

Another reason your upstairs doesn’t stay cool is air leaking. Poor or insufficient insulation can allow hot external air to leak into your home. Consider adding insulation. Seals on your doors and windows are culprits for allowing heat gain. Additionally, leaks in your ductwork can allow your conditioned air to escape without benefit.



Check your home for proper insulation, seals and possible leaks. Add insulation, seals and radiant heat barriers if necessary. If you have dampers in your duct work, then you can adjust them so the upstairs is open fully and downstairs is less so. Closing off or reducing the vents downstairs can also help force the air upstairs.

Clean Air Filter

Changing your Air Filters will help your air conditioner run more efficiently and work less.

After all this if your upstairs doesn’t stay cool or your system is still not performing well, contact your HVAC specialist. At Air Doctor Heating and Air we will provide a Free Estimate to replace or upgrade your system and have the best options for you.