May 30, 2019

Referral Rewards


Referral rewards are our way to thank you for referrals. Air Doctor Heating and Air appreciates referrals from customers. We have a special thank you for any new customer referrals which result in a new system installation.

We not only thank you for your referrals, we give you a $50 gift certificate for any and every new customer referral that purchases a new system! There is no limit, so send us a referral for anyone you know needing a new HVAC system.

There are two convenient methods to send us referrals. We have a downloadable form or you can fill out our online Referral Rewards Form.

When to Consider a New HVAC System?

American Standard Products

A referral might have an HVAC system reaches a certain age, they become less efficient and more costly to operate. Some systems which have been properly and regularly maintained can last 15 years sometimes 20 or more. Even so, newer technology has evolved into far more efficient systems which cost far less to operate.

Once a system starts having issues, needs frequent or costly repairs, it may be wise to at least consider a new system.

R22 Freon

Systems older that 2012 may use R22 Freon Refrigerant. R22 was banned from production in the United States in 2010 and will be banned from import in 2020. So any units using this refrigerant will no longer be able to be supplied with refrigerant additions as needed. Any existing stock or reclaimed R22 can still be used but will be hard to find and very, very expensive. The costs for it have already been significantly on the rise and will continue to. Older systems can be retrofitted to accept other refrigerants which are not banned, but the cost to retrofit are very expensive as well.

Why Consider a New HVAC System?

Energy Star

There has never been a better time for a referral you know to consider a New HVAC system. You can help the environment and enjoy long term cost savings as well:


  • Many HVAC systems are very high efficiency and can realize significant savings in energy costs over time.
  • Potomac Edison Rebates available which will reimburse you up to $650 for installing an energy efficient system.
  • Air Doctor Heating and Air offers a 10 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor for new installations.
  • We offer many Financing Options from short to long term with $0 initial out-of-pocket expense for qualified applicants.
  • At Air Doctor Heating and Air, we offer periodic Specials and Discounts to help with the costs.

There really is no good reason NOT to consider a new system since we provide Free Estimates. So, refer a friend and if they purchase a new system, we will thank you and give you a $50 gift certificate. No limit as to how many, so refer as many as you like!